Rocio's Wedding

Rocío Bridal Wedding

The Unforgettable Show

This marriage became a truly unforgettable spectacle. The bride's wishes focused on a room full of roses, where the color pink reigned, infusing a romantic style, overflowing with vitality and energy.

Roses in Harmony

In this exquisite composition, the roses were the undisputed protagonists, displaying a naturalness and delicacy that permeated every corner of the decoration, harmonized with a mix of foliage in ash green tones that exquisitely complemented the style of the living room.

The lighting, both from the candles and the devices, played a fundamental role in creating a dreamlike atmosphere on this special day.

Bridal Art

This majestic decoration was conceived and executed by expert wedding planners, who were in charge of the design and coordination of the event with the objective of materializing the exact vision that the bride and groom had in mind.

In our desire to create designs that provoke dialogue and emotions,
We find our deepest passion.