Yubeli and Carlos Wedding

Yubeli and Carlos Bridal Wedding

A wedding is an event that symbolizes the union of two families and communities, marking a moment of celebration and shared commitment. It is an occasion where joy and camaraderie are intertwined amidst elegance and solemnity. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, every aspect of the wedding is carefully curated to create an unforgettable experience.

Vibrant and Natural

For us, being essential participants in the conceptualization and realization of this marriage was a truly extraordinary experience.

The bride longed for a celebration infused with flowers with unique designs and vibrant colors that would infuse life, energy and dynamism into this important event. Therefore, we opted for a multi-textured design, using unique flowers with lively and energizing tones, symbolizing
authenticity, vitality and harmony.

The ceremony took place in a dazzling way under the foliage of the tree at the Embajador Hotel in Santo Domingo, decorated with a floral arch that added beauty, naturalness and a touch of stylistic emotion.

A Majestic Meeting

The wedding reception was elegantly designed, with imperial centerpieces that gave a sublime majesty to the room, where every passing moment radiated happiness.

The marriage of Yubeli and Carlos was distinguished by its style, refinement and a harmony that enveloped every moment.